About the project

From January 2019 to September 2021, the Innovation Framework for Challenge Oriented Intelligent Manufacturing (INforM) project co-financed from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020 program is implemented at the Toruń Technology Park. The aim of the INforM project is to support enterprises in digital transformation.

During the project, digital challenges for SMEs from partner regions will be identified, good practices will be described and supra-regional cooperation will be developed. As part of the project, the “Digital innovation support” model will be created, consisting of collecting and analyzing knowledge, searching for and exchanging innovative solutions and describing case studies. Under this model, solutions based on the needs of enterprises will be generated, which will then be implemented and analyzed in terms of their efficiency.

The most important tasks to be carried out within the project:

  • Creating a common methodology for providing digital auditing services for manufacturing enterprises,
  • Conducting digital auditing services in enterprises,
  • Raising awareness among regional stakeholders in the context of digital transformation,
  • Mapping regional infrastructure for digital operations in the region,
  • Establishment of a Digital Platform Supporting Innovation for the Baltic Sea countries, including the creation of a virtual environment for intelligent solutions.

The project is implemented in partnership by 9 institutions from 6 European countries that represent a wide circle of end users (mechatronic industry) and R & D sector:

Tallinn University of Technology EE,
Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems EE,
Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. FI,
Lappeenranta University of Technology FI,
Developing Fyn DK,
Vocational education and training center LV,
Lithuanian Innovation Centre LT,
Klaipeda Science and Technology Park LT,
Toruński Park Technologiczny PL.

Associated Partner of the project in Poland is Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster.

Total project budget:

EUR 1 964 050.00, including funds from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of EUR 1 600 887,50